Two New Models with Mechanical Keyboard from Monster – gamesre

Two New Models with Mechanical Keyboard from Monster - gamesre

Each key can be assigned a different color with a mechanical RGB keyboard Abra A5 V10.3 and Tulp T5 v14.1 Gaming Laptop, performance and visual quality will be the choice of seeking a combination

since 2005 world standards in Turkey Monster Notebook, which is presented to the players in Turkey, aims to win the appreciation of gamers once again with two new models. Combining the best hardware components for flawless performance, the Tulpar T5 V14.1 15.6 iyle and Abra A5 V10.3 15.6 Oyun Gaming PC models also draw attention with their RGB illuminated mechanical keyboards.

Power of Mechanical Keyboard
Monster’s Tulpar T5 v14.1 and Abra A5 V10.3 models are now built to match Monster’s well-known high-performance goals. The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX10 series includes all the components needed for a high-performance gaming computer, such as the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX10 series graphics cards, high-speed memory and SSD storage units.

Mechanical keyboards have a much longer service life than normal keyboards as they are very durable due to their structure. Since the keys do not need to be pressed all the way to operate, the keys send signals earlier than the non-mechanical keyboards, which is advantageous in the game.

Mechanical keyboards do not only play games, but require a long time keyboard, such as writing and enhance and enhance the experience. Mechanical keyboards, which require a pressure of 45-50 grams to activate the keys, have less pressure on their fingers than normal keyboards. If you are writing on your computer as a matter of business you will get more pleasure from your work with the mechanical keyboard in these two models.

As with many of Monster’s models, these two new gaming computers feature the RGB-illuminated keyboard that players love. Thus, it is possible to illuminate the keys on the keyboard in the desired colors or different color groups. Even with a special keyboard software it is possible to assign a different color to each key.

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