Stan Lee from World of Warcraft developers gamesre

Stan Lee from World of Warcraft developers gamesre

World of Warcraft is the most successful game in the history of MMORPG . In the last update, a very interesting item was added to the losing player. Developers who added the cue of the famous comicist Stan Lee to the game as Stanley , who lost his life in recent times, transformed the lover of millions into a NPC . Stanley, who circulates within Stormwind , occasionally salutes other NPCs. Stanley, who looks like Stan Lee by type, made WoW actors laugh.

Stan Lee dispatch from World of Warcraft producers

Thanks to Stan Lee who left behind quite beautiful stories and heroes, we’ve got Marvel Cinematic Universe today . Spider Man, Iron Man and Hulk such as the famous characters who draw the story of the successful name, will continue to be remembered with many other productions. After that, we’ll see Stan Lee, who we think we’ll see in Marvel movies, will appear in The Avengers Endgame . Stan Lee’s comic strips are still being read as a cameo in each Marvel movie.

And finally, I wonder about the course of World of Warcraft we do. According to the leaked numbers of 1.4 million active players with the number of active players do not interfere with the last breaths can say.

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