S Pen can be on camera

S Pen can be on camera

Samsung has opened the doors of a new era with the S Pen screen pen, and has continuously improved its pen. Important features such as Bluetooth support come from an interesting innovation to the winning pen.

According to Samsung’s patent, the S Pen pen may contain a camera in the near future. There will also be improvements in the hardware of the stylus due to this camera with a sensor and a lens. While the control chip is further developed, the battery is growing. Another interesting feature is that the camera can zoom in.

Samsung The Wall concept is now 292 ”

A camera in the screen pen will probably be a first in the industry. Taking the front camera here, Samsung’s next Galaxy Word models will completely remove the screen hole and completely achieve a frameless screen is expressed.

However, on the user side, this is how to be met. When a quick selfie is required, the pulling behavior may not be accepted by removing the stylus. In this respect, Samsung is not expected to give up the front camera. Alternatively, it may be a preference for those who do not want to use the phone. It is not known when Samsung will present this innovation to the S Pen.

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