New Volkswagen Passat presented! Here Are the options!

New Volkswagen Passat presented! Here Are the options!

Offered ahead of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show 2020 Volkswagen Passat, meets the automobile enthusiasts with many new applied sciences.

External design new technology car, which doesn’t show a large distinction compared to the former generation fashions of the collection, manages to return to the fore with new technologies as discussed above.

2020 Volkswagen Passat layout

probably the most considerable difference in the layout of the brand new technology car, which does not fluctuate a lot, comes as a renewed buffer and grid design.

Bumper and grid the new generation Passat, which has a extra aggressive and sporty look with its small touches, is offered to drivers as usual on each the rear and front lighting of the LED lights components.

Layout a after we take a snappy look at the other changes made in the heart, we can see that the Passat post at the back of the vehicle is extra outstanding.

in the event you remember that Volkswagen , Arteon < / strong> fashions additionally appeared in an identical layout.

So, what are the engine options of the New Volkswagen Passat

New Volkswagen Passat engine options

strong> has also made a few improvements to the engine of the 2020 type car.

on this segment, we are accustomed to Arteon ONE HUNDRED FIFTY horsepower the new technology automotive, which meets the 1.5 TSI engine , additionally has A HUNDRED NINETY and 272 horsepower gas choices.

instead of that, 187 and 268 horsepower Volkswagen in Volkswagen A 1.6 liter new engine choice known as Evo could also be available.

148 <1.6> / liter The TDI Evo also has 2.0-liter 190 and 240 variations.

Let’s cross behind all these engine options and come to the vanguard with the hybrid machine of the collection, the Passat GTE.

as well as to the GTE, the electric Passat additionally switches to the 13 kWh lithium-ion battery. 1.4 TSI is accessible in the engine.