Mercedes CLA 200 Introduction

Mercedes CLA 200 Introduction

Mercedes CLA 200 is one of the most effective and attractive vehicles in the Mercedes sedan segment.

The Mercedes CLA 200 has been designed with surfaces that are curved inwards and outwards with sporty lines and aggressive design. The Comfort, Urban and AMG package of the Mercedes CLA 200 has 3 different equipment options. The Mercedes CLA 200 comes with a Mercedes engine. Mercedes also highlights its commitment to premium quality in the CLA 200.

Acceleration of the Mercedes CLA 200 is 0-100 km km / h (sec) of 7.9. Emission class Euro 6 Mercedes CLA 200 with the factory value of Fuel Consumption, city (l / 100km) 7.2 66.9; Fuel Consumption, out of town (l / 100km) 4,7ı4,3; Fuel Consumption, mean (l / 100km) 5.6 (5.2 and CO2 emission rates are mixed (g / km) 128 l121. The transmission is a 7G-DCT automatic transmission.

This vehicle is described by Mercedes as a 4-door coupe, but the world is known as a sedan by the automobile media. The vehicle aims to bring new customers to the Mercedes brand. As we know, coupe vehicles are expensive to other models. For this reason, Mercedes has produced the CLA 200, which is more affordable for those who don’t dare to buy a coupe.

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