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Lenovo UltraSlim family - Gamesre

Style subtlety functionality; all in the Lenovo UltraSlim family

The technology giant Lenovo is designed for every need and budget, with ultra-thin products that don’t compromise on elegance, not only performance, but also very stylistic in style, finesse and design.

In addition to the functionality, Ideapads of the product groups are designed according to every need and budget, besides the elegance, elegant design and elegance. IdeaPad 720, 520, 320 and even the slimmest S-series devices IdeaPad 720S, 520S and 320S meet the tastes of the modern consumer. These stylish design models; style, shape and functionality are melting in a pot.

Every home we need is fine: the new 320S

320s, with only 1.9 kg light weight and 19.9 The sleek slim design of mm is remarkable. 320s, easy to move. Featuring advanced graphics, the 320s come with Dolby Audio Harman® speakers, appealing to both the eye and the ear. The 14 “version offers up to 12 hours and the 15” version offers up to 9 hours of battery life.


If you’re the one who expects performance on my computer, the IdeaPad 520S is the new favorite for those looking for performance. With a weight of 1.7 kg and a sleek design of just 19.33 mm, the sleek, stylish design of the 520s, the new curved edges and the first-class metal finish, puts this elegance into a further dimension. 520S; comes with mineral gray, champagne gold, plum moru and rose pink color options. The performance doesn’t cut short, the 520s are like a power plant with a 12-hour battery life.

And you’ll have the family’s finest 720S

Lenovo ™ IdeaPad ™ 720S; With a light weight of just 1.55 kg and a thinness of 15.9 mm, the extra easy portability offers up to 14 hours of battery life. The 16 GB memory comes with Dolby Audio ™ sound quality with JBL® Premium audio speakers, while delivering the visual quality of home theater with stunning UHD clarity. gamesre.com

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