Insurance Coverage See the seized cars

Insurance Coverage See the seized cars

in cooperation with the Motor Insurance Office, which runs a helpline to assist civil servants.

High-profile policing will last for a week.

Police are working with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) in Scotland, Supt Louise Blakelock continued: “Fighting uninsured drivers continues to worry about us.

During this marketing campaign, we can create our focus, not to find the simplest location, but to prevent drivers from driving uninsured.

The injuries caused by uninsured and stranded drivers are believed to add £ 400 million annually to engine insurance fees.

Neil Drane, executive director of the MIB, said: “Not using a valid fuse and not using a valid fuse does not make it more safe for the driver to be on the street and get rid of them.

“Increased activity through all Insured Operations Operations should pull these unhealthy drivers out of our way.”

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