EA Video Games to stop selling FIFA Points

EA Video Games to stop selling FIFA Points

FIFA players have experienced a development that is closely related. EA has stopped selling FIFA Issues in Video Games, Belgium. In some countries in Europe, the loot box system and gambling are strictly controlled. In many European countries, including Belgium, commercial activities such as micro payments and boxing are considered gambling. For this reason, many content in the NBA 2K 19 was restricted in Belgium.

FIFA Points banned in Belgium

Now it’s EA Video Games. The new goal of the Belgian government was EA Video Games. EA Games will no longer be able to sell FIFA Points in Belgium. In our country, because there is no regulation regarding the content of the digital game that will have an impact on Turkey of the situation. However, if these practices and legal regulations begin to become widespread, we can see the restrictions on box opening, in-game money and micro payment methods in our country in the coming years.

EA Video Games earns quite a lot of money from FIFA Issues. Before Belgium, the Netherlands also announced in-game micro payment methods and loot boxes to enter the gambling class. It is estimated that FIFA Ultimate Team brought about $ 800 million in 2017.

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